June 26, 2017

Win Gift Cards at Dial Rewards

I am not big on sites that have you earn points and use them to enter giveaways as I would rather spend my time knowing I will be rewarded, but I know many people love them so I have decided to share one I found today.  While working on earning free gift cards at Swagbucks, they had an offer to earn points for joining Dial Rewards so I signed up.

For signing up at Dial Rewards I received 50 points which was enough to enter a Zappo $25 gift card giveaway five times.  I did not win, but it was easy to do.  There are several ways listed to earn points.  Two of the easiest were watching videos--just short commercials--for which I earned 500 points each.  This gave me many more entries into their giveaways.  I haven't used all of my points yet, but I will keep trying to win.

Ways to earn Dial Reward Points (current as of 6/2017):

  • Daily sign in -- 50 points
  • Watch videos offered -- 500 points
  • Surveys about dial -- 1000 points
  • Dial Emails (click thru button once a month to earn) -- 500 points
  • Enter a code (found in newsletters, on social media or in store) -- 2000 points
  • Share with friends (share your link, if someone signs up thru it you earn -- here's mine:  Dial Rewards Sign Up) -- 6000 points

Ways to spend Dial Reward Points (current as of 6/2017):

  • $1000 Cash giveaway (monthly drawing) -- 100 points
    • $100 Amazon GC -- 50 points
    • $250 Best Buy GC -- 50 points
    • $10 Kohls GC -- 10 points
    • $25 Zappo GC -- 10 points
    • $250 Visa Virtual Account -- 50 points
    • $10 Coffee E Gift Card -- 10 points

So if you like to win prizes, Dial Rewards is a quick easy way to try.  Have you heard of it before?  I'd love to hear back if you sign up and win anything.

To the best of my knowledge all information in this posting was accurate as of the time it was posted.

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