June 27, 2017

Ibotta App Hint-Produce

I just wanted to share a quick tip on using the Ibotta app.  If you're unfamiliar with Ibotta, check out this post on another of my blogs discussing it: Ibotta App Post, or click on the image at left.

Ibotta often has produce offers, sometimes on something I was already going to buy, sometimes not.  I try not to allow apps, coupons, or sales to cause me to spend more money on something I don't need.  But sometimes it's a good enough deal to be worth it.   For instance today.  There was a $0.25 off tomato purchase.  Well, this year, since we didn't get any planted in our garden, we're buying them at the farmer's market, and unfortunately, but understandably, Ibotta doesn't work on Farmer's Market purchases.  But, my Mom reminded me of what I'd done before.  Unlock it, and see if there was one that wouldn't be much more.  So, I found a Roma Tomato, that-best guess based on weighing it in the old fashioned hanging scale-would be about $0.25.  I took a photo of the receipt, and  sure enough, it came back!  So, if you see a rebate for a produce item you'd like, or would eat, but maybe it's too expensive for your normal budget, or is cheaper pre-packed, you might want to unlock it before you go to the store, then note the rebate on your list, and check the price.  You may just got some fun produce for pennies!

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