April 23, 2017

April Swago at Swagbucks 4/24 - 5/1/2017 ~ Earn Up to 700 SB Bonus

Swagbucks always seems to have some fun activity for their members to earn more points (called SB).  Swagbucks has one more bit of April fun - it's the return of Swago! It's just like bingo, but in this case you're filling out squares as you earn points on their site for doing specific online activities thru their sponsors.

The best part is that the points you get can be used to get free gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, CVS, dozens of other retailers and restaurants or PayPal cash!

Fill up your board and then submit your pattern to get even more points - if you can fill in the whole board, you get a 700 SB ($7) bonus!   Even if you fill up just one row you will earn SB, but the more you fill the more you earn.  We've never filled a full Swago board, but have always earned something from playing.

Your Swago Board is active from April 24 at 9 AM PT through May 1 at 12 PM PT.

If you aren't a member of Swagbucks yet click here to sign up and get started earning! If you sign up through my link and earn 300 SB before May 1st, you'll get a bonus 300 SB!

Check out more ways to earn at Swagbucks by clicking this link:  How to Earn Free Gift Cards and Cash at Swagbucks Series.

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April 21, 2017

Earning Cash Back for Online Shopping thru Ebates

One of my favorite ways to save and earn money is by receiving cash back for my regular shopping online.  Before I place an order I check Ebates to see if they have a cash back offer for that store.

Earning Cash Back thru Ebates:  How it Works

Ebates provides Cash Back to over two million dedicated members. Since 1999, members have earned over $100 million in Cash Back savings from 1,800+ stores.  I have received quite a bit myself over the last several years.

Online Cash Back Points
  • Sign Up is Free
  • Shop as usual but first stop at Ebates and click thru the link to the store you want to shop at.
  • Check Ebates for coupons for your order, too.
  • A percentage of your order total will be added to your Ebates account (percentages vary and can be up to 40%.  Example: currently Macy's is 6% back and Nike is 12% back).

Be sure to check emails from Ebates as they offer bonus cash back throughout the year.  Often many stores cash back is doubled for short period.

In-Store Cash Back Points
  • I have not tried this yet so can't share personal experience.
  • Get started by adding your credit and debit cards to your account.
  • Find an In-Store Cash Back offer you like and link it to your card.
  • Pay with your linked card in stores and get Cash Back.

Join free and get a $10 gift card after your first purchase of $25 or more.

Links in this post are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

15% Cash Back on Steak 'N Shake at MyGiftCardsPlus ~ Earn SB at Swagbucks When Purchased by 4/30/2017

Buying gift cards at a discount seems to make a meal taste even better!  If you love Steak 'N Shake, you can get a 15% cashback when you purchase Steak 'N Shake gift cards from MyGiftCardsPlus, which is a site that gives you cash back when you buy gift cards to your favorite retailers.  I've bought gift cards through them before...discounts are so great!   I've never gone to Steak 'n Shake myself...don't have on in my town, but I've seen ads and coupons for them in the newspaper...looks yummy & coupons are even better for us deal lovers!
The cash back is paid in the form of SB points on Swagbucks, which you can turn into free gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, and dozens more, or cash in your PayPal account. You can take advantage of this deal by clicking here, and if you don't already have a Swagbucks account, you can create one there so you get your SB points for your purchase!

This is a limited time offer that's good through this April 30th or until supplies run out, whichever happens first!

Check out more ways to earn at Swagbucks by clicking this link:  How to Earn Free Gift Cards and Cash at Swagbucks Series.

Disclosure:  Links to Swagbucks in this post are my referral links.  Thank you for using my links.  I also earned SB for sharing this promotion.

April 20, 2017

Play Games at Swagbucks ~ How to Earn at Swagbucks Series

Playing games is another way to earn free cash and giftcards at Swagbucks.  There are many games available that cost money to play.  We do not play these, we play the free games and those are what we will share below.  But if you already pay to play games you may want to check out the ones offered at Swagbucks.

Playing Games to Earn Cash and Gift-cards

  • You can earn ten points called SB each day on the free games.
    • This is ten SB for the total of all games played, not each one.
  • You earn two SB after each two games played.
    • Once in a while there is glitch and you need to play three.  If it seems stuck on not awarding SB I switch to another game, but that is rarely needed.
  • Important:  you must let the full page load before choosing to start the game.  This includes all of the comments below the game.  If you do not let it load you can play but will not earn SB.

  • Click on the "Play" link in the left hand sidebar on the Swagbucks homepage.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the page.
  • Choose one of the three Swagbucks games.  Remember, you must let the full page load.
    • Swag Memory 
      • We've never tried this one.
    • Swag Jump
      • Jump to capture coins.
      • To earn SB you need to only capture one.
      • This is the one I prefer.  It seems to load quicker on my computer and it takes me less than a minute to get thru two games to earn my two SB.
      • Sarah has actually played this game reaching outerspace--it was pretty interesting seeing all the space junk graphics.
    • Swagasaurus Run
      • This one I've read is the quickest to earn if you don't want to actually play.  Let the dinosaur fall off the first cliff and it counts.

As you can see from the SB earned for the time spent the hourly rate of earning is far below an income earning rate, but for spending some spare time or multi-tasking while working thru Swagbucks offers we earn a nice extra savings and spending allotment.

Click this link and Join Swagbucks and Start Earning Free Gift Cards and Cash Today!

These instructions are from my experience on a laptop and are accurate at the time of posting.

Click this image to find all of the posts in this series.

Disclosure:  Links to Swagbucks in this post are my referral links.  Thank you for using my links.  By signing up under one of these links I will earn 10% of some of your earnings.

April 19, 2017

Watch for Budget Leaks ~ Words of Wisdom

Little expenses can ruin savings goals.  Getting in the habit of spending earnings on snacks, hobbies, entertainment, collections or any passion or desire we have can drain a budget and stop any effort at savings.  The only way to reach savings goals for the future is to deny ourselves something today.

I borrowed a book from the library years ago called The Millionaire Next Door.  I remember the author shared how stopping for a $5 fancy cup of coffee each morning verses drinking the free coffee at work or carrying your own from home, would make tens of thousands of dollars of difference in a retirement account.  Just simple savings without interest would come to $1250 a year (5 days x $5 x 50 weeks).  In just ten years that would be $12,500!  A person working 30 to 40 years would be saving big!  Put that in a tax shelter retirement accounting earning compound interest and it will multiply.

Most everyone can find a little something they are spending on that they could do without.  Even back in the day of Benjamin Franklin people had unnecessary spending, thus this quote.  I remember finding ways to save even when I was first married and my husband was still in college.  It wasn't much but it sure came in handy after a bad accident and I had to quit working for several months.  To this day I search for ways to cut my spending so I can save and give more and keep my ship from sinking!

April 15, 2017

Swagbucks April Team Challange [4/17 - 4/21/2017] ~ An "Egg-cellent" Way to Earn Extra

Swagbucks team challenges have been a fun way we earn more points (called SB) for free gift cards and cash.  We have been on the winning team as well as the losing team, but any easy extra SB is always appreciated.  It only takes a click to join and then we do our Swagbucks activities like normal and easily meet the requirements.  Another benefit to the team challenges is the conversations of other team members at the bottom of the team page.  I have learned a lot about earning more on Swagbucks from other team members.

April is bringing with it another fun team challenge to help you earn SB from Swagbucks! For those of you who don't know what Swagbucks is, it's a website where you can earn cash back on everyday tasks you do online like shopping, answering surveys, discovering deals, and watching videos. You can even earn for searching the web! If you've never tried Swagbucks before because you didn't know where to begin, their Team Challenges are a great way to learn the ropes!

Their latest, the "Egg-cellent" Team Challenge, begins Monday, April 17th at 8am PT/ 11am ET and ends on Friday, April 21st at 12PM PT/ 3PM ET.  Here's how you can join the challenge and the site:
1. Click here to join the challenge and be assigned to a team. Pre-registration is going on right now! If you don't already have an account, you can sign up on this page as well.
2. Starting April 17th at 8am PDT, in addition to earning SB you'll contribute points to your teams total as you complete different activities on Swagbucks.
3. Check back on the page often to see the scores and what you've contributed so far.   

All members who participate and contribute at least 400 points* to their team’s total will receive an SB bonus in the form of an SB Swag Up Rebate on their next gift card!  Members of the 1st place team will receive a 50 SB Swag Up Rebate, members of the 2nd place team will receive a 25 SB Swag Up Rebate, members of the 3rd place team will receive a 10 SB Swag Up Rebate. Your SB Swag Up Rebate will be made available on Friday, April 21st and will expire on Sunday, May 7th 11:59pm PT.

Swagup rebates are SB applied to your Swagbucks' account when you cash in your current SB for a reward (gift-card or Paypal).

*Note:  Points in team challenges are different from SB you earn for activities.  The points toward the challenge are of higher value than those for your account SB.  For example: you may earn 1 SB for a Discover activity but may earn 15 points for the team.  So 400 is not hard to earn.  You can find a list of all available activities for earning points and how many for each on the team challenge page.

Not only that, but if you sign up as a new member under me today thru the links in this post and earn 300 SB before May 1st, you'll get a 300 SB bonus!  This is a separate promotion from the team challenge.

Disclosure:  Links to Swagbucks in this post are my referral links.  Thank you for using my links.  I also earned SB for sharing this promotion.


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