April 4, 2017

Microsoft Rewards ~ An Easy Way to Earn Amazon Gift Cards & More

We think Microsoft Rewards is by far our easiest way to earn a $5.00 Amazon gift card each month.  They reward members with points for searching thru the Bing search engine, taking quizzes, shopping and browsing.  It is simple and straight forward.

We have made Bing our default search engine so anytime we search we earn and usually reach our 150 points throughout the day by searching naturally.  We like Bing at least as well if not better than Google for searching.  We especially like their images.

By clicking on the number of current points at the top right of the page we find any special offers for the day (see image above).  If we take the Coffee break quiz in this image we will earn 30 points--they are quick and easy to do.  By clicking on "King of the blues" it will
take us to a Bing search and we will earn an additional 10 points.  We also earn 5 points for every search up to 150 points a day.

By doing these few things each day at Microsoft Rewards we easily earn a five dollar Amazon gift card each month.  The gift card costs 5250 points.  There are more ways, to earn as you can see by the image to the right, but we currently are not using those options.

They offer several other reward options such as Hulu, Skype, Windows Store, Xbox, GameStop, Starbucks, donation options, sweepstakes entries, and more.

We highly recommend Microsoft Rewards as an easy and safe way to earn some extra spending money.

Click this link to sign up and start earning today:  Join Microsoft Rewards, it's free.

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