April 10, 2017

Taking Surveys thru Swagbucks ~ How to Earn at Swagbucks Series

Taking surveys thru Swagbucks can be quite rewarding.  I have seen several members on Swagbucks' forums discussing it is their favorite way to earn.  I, Cheryl, do not enjoy taking surveys, but Sarah does and has earned a nice amount thru doing them on Swagbucks, but I have taken advantage of the Pre-Survey Questions earnings. If you don't like taking surveys you may want to at least do those (see below).

Taking Surveys

To get started click on the If you have recently signed up for Swagbucks and haven't done any surveys there should be an introductory survey to take to unlock other surveys that fit your demographic.  You will earn five points called SB for this survey and more will unlock.

Pre-Survey Questions

On the right hand side of the page there should be survey questions for you to answer where you will earn two SB for every ten you answer.  These answers will determine which surveys you should
qualify for.  You should answer these before taking other surveys.  Check back often to see if they have added more.

As you can see I've answered all of mine.

NOTE:  Be sure to answer ALL questions honestly.  They will stop offering surveys to members whose answers change from survey to survey.

Taking Gold Surveys

The list will tell you the approximate time it should take to complete the survey and the number of SB you will earn.  Sarah always goes for the shortest ones and finds she spends much less time than they list.

The surveys have qualifying questions first to see if you are a fit.  If you do not qualify you will receive one SB for trying up to five a day.

Pros and Cons of Swagbucks Surveys

Pro -- easy way to earn a large number of SB, often for a very short time spent.
Con -- being disqualified can be discouraging.  Some days it seems disqualifications are the norm and other days you can wiz thru several surveys.

As you can see from the SB earned for the time spent the hourly rate of earning is far below an income earning rate, but for spending some spare time working thru Swagbucks offers we earn a nice extra savings and spending allotment.

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These instructions are from my experience on a laptop and are accurate at the time of posting.  Much of Swagbucks can also be accessed on mobile devices.

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