August 10, 2017

How to Earn Free Gift Cards and Cash Online thru MyPoints

There are several online earning sites available.  MyPoints is one I visit daily to earn a little extra cash for shopping at CVS.  MyPoints offers gift cards from dozens of different retailers, as well as Paypal, but $5.00 CVS gift cards require the fewest points to cash out and I shop CVS deals each week so they are perfect for me (you can check out our other blog, Simply CVS, to learn how to save while shopping at CVS and for weekly deals).  I have been a member of MyPoints for several years.

Ways to Earn on MyPoints
  • Shop Online
    • When you are going to shop online stop by MyPoints and search for the store you are shopping at; if it is available, go thru their link and you will earn cash back.
  • Local Deals
    • Earn when you purchase Groupon or LivingSocial goods and vouchers.
  • Read Emails
    • BonusMail arrives up to several times daily.  Many offer 5 points just for visiting the partner site listed.
  • Share Your Opinion
    • Take market research surveys to earn up to 400 points each (earn 5 if you try and are disqualified).
  • Watch Videos
    • Earn up to 500 points a day.
  • Discover Content
  • Find a Deal
    • Check out the various offers, when completed they give points.
  • Search the Web
    • Randomly awarded points while searching.
  • Print Coupons
    • Earn points for grocery coupons printed and redeemed.
  • Play Games
    • Earns points per dollar spent on Bejeweled 2 and Solitaire Rush.
  • Refer a Friend
    • You earn 10% when they earn.
  • Daily Poll
    • Answer the one question poll for 1 point.
  • Daily Five
    • Earn 5 points when you complete 5 of the 8 items listed.

I do not spend a lot of time on MyPoints daily, but I earn a $5.00 CVS gift card each month.  I usually just do these:
  • Read the emails.
  • Search
  • Visit the daily deal
  • Take Daily Poll
  • Do some nCraves
  • Try a Survey or two (I hate surveys, but when I have time I try them.  I must admit I usually hope to be disqualified and get the 5 points.  My daughters like to do the surveys when they have time.)
  • If I am unable to get the daily five with these (sometimes I don't have emails) I will click on the coupon page and the discover a deal page (no need to print or complete a deal, just click) which will give me the five and a bonus five points.

It takes 700 points to cash in for a $5.00 CVS gift cards at MyPoints.  And like all online earning sites, the money earned per time spent is not all that great.  But if you have a few extra minutes to work online a couple of times a day you can get some free spending money to help stretch your budget.

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