August 7, 2017

Half Price Dial

Once again there is a printable Dial coupon off of two 3 packs or larger available for a good deal on Dial:

Save $1.00 off any TWO (2) Dial Liquid Hand Soap Refills, Foaming Hand Wash Pumps, or Bar Soap (3-Bar or larger)

You should be able to print two on your computer.  I've found these three packs at my local Dollar Tree  you should be able to use the coupons on (you can see Dollar Tree's coupon policy here).  This time the coupon is for $1 off, so it is kind of the same as getting it BOGO!

I've been able to use these coupons at two different Dollar Trees different times with little to no problems, but then I ran into a problem once, depends on your local store and staff.  Some people have had problems at their Dollar Tree.  My suggestions are: print the coupons on normal quality, not fast draft (as I often do with coupons) to be sure they'll scan better, be ready to explain the small print of the coupon saying "off any 3 pack", and personally I always carry a printed copy of Dollar Tree's coupon policy. Of course, one should also be prepared to be polite and take no for an answer. 

I know someone who had trouble, just decided to go to their WalMart that also carries this kind.

Here's another Dial coupon if you see a sale at another store:

Save $2.00 off TWO (2) Dial or Tone Body Wash or Bar Soap (6-bar or larger)

Saving Star (if you are unfamiliar with Saving Star, you can see here for more info from one of my other blogs)  also has a deal out right now, unfortunately, it doesn't work at Dollar Tree, but you could pair it with the printable coupon and a deal at another store possibly: 
Save $1.00 on TWO (2) DIAL® Foaming Hand Wash, Liquid Hand Soap Refill, Bar Soap (3-Bar Or Larger) or Advanced Bar (2-Bar Or Larger).Expires 8/27/2017.Save $1.00.

Save $2.00 on TWO (2) DIAL® Body Wash or Bar Soap (6-Bar or Larger) Offer Excludes Trial and Travel Sizes.Expires 8/27/2017.Save $2.00.

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