July 13, 2017

Slidejoy App Review

Disclosure:  Links to Slidejoy in this post are my referral links.  
Whenever I hear of a new money saving app, I wonder if it really works...do I really want to download it?  Will I actually get back rewards?  So, I'm always looking for reviews, so, when I have tried an app, I thought I'd try to write reviews to help others, to both know if something they want to try is good, and to introduce people to good apps they may want to try.  Today, I'll review the Slidejoy app.   Now, this is one of those rare instances where on app is available on Android and not an iPhone.

How SlideJoy works is it puts ads on your lock screen, you can open them, but you don't have to, it doesn't make a difference in how much you earn.  If the ad interests you, you can slide one way to unlock your phone and open the website for the product, or slide the other way to just unlock the phone just like normal and ignore the ad.  You earn points daily in the form of carats. 1,000 carats are about equal to $1  Your carats are available to redeem the on about the 15th of the month after you earn them.

I've used it for a few months.  It doesn't add up real quick, but for doing nothing at all it sure is nice.  It also has some options to earn a little more through things like free scratch-offs...I haven't won one yet, but I've got a carat for every try.  I have cashed out my points for PayPal and it came through just fine.  You can choose to cash out and get giftcards or PayPal, or donate them to a few different charities.

One concern, is that I'm not sure how much data it may use, the phone I have it on doesn't have data, just runs off wifi, so it's not a concern for me.  But you may want to keep an eye on it if you have a data plan you cut it close on.

If this sounds good to you, why don't you check out SlideJoy?

Happy Saving & Earning!

Disclosure:  Links to Slidejoy in this post are my referral links.  
Thank you for using my links. 

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