June 9, 2017

Spending Cash is Like Dandelion Seeds Blowing in the Wind

I was looking at images of dandelions the other day and saw one in seed stage with dozens of seeds blowing off in the wind.  Memories of childhood immediately flooded my mind--I loved to blow the seeds off the dandelion heads.  But then my mind switched back to real time and I could see the seeds as dollars in my budget blowing away quickly thru spending.

It is as easy to empty a wallet as it is to blow the seeds off of a dandelion; and the pleasure is often as short lived.  Once those dollars are spent it is impossible to gather them back into my wallet, just like the dandelion seeds blowing in the wind can never be put back on the dandelion seed head.  I believe I will never see another dandelion without being reminded to guard my budget from the "wind" of my spending.

Images from ClipArts.co.

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