June 28, 2017

Saving thru AARP Membership ~ Beginning at 50

AARP is a great resource for savings for those who are over 50.  Many businesses, including restaurants, stores and lodging offer discounts to customers with an AARP card.  The yearly membership can pay for itself many times over for members who travel, shop, dine out and enjoy entertainment.  But even for those of us who rarely do, we can still save.

We have not had an AARP membership every year since we turned 50, but have for some of them.  When we know we will be staying in a hotel we sign up for a year.  Recently we took a long weekend trip, but first I signed up for AARP.  It saved us $10 a night at the hotel and it only cost us $12; and we will save more in the coming the year.  We do not travel a lot, but when we do stay in a hotel AARP helps us to save.  We have also used it at retail stores and restaurants.  They offer so much more, but we have not really dug into all the possibilities yet.  When I do I will share them here.

The current prices for signing up for AARP are:
  • One Year with auto renew at regular price - $12
  • Three Years - $43
  • Five Years - $63

When you sign up you can print a copy of your card and start saving immediately--like head out to Dunkin Donuts and get a free donut when you buy a coffee.   And if you are into genealogical research, you can a discount at Ancestry.com!  There are many possibilities to save with an AARP membership, and at just $12 for the first year it doesn't cost much to try it out.

Have you had an AARP membership?  What have you saved on with it?

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