May 5, 2017

AARP Rewards ~ Easy Way to Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

I have saved hundreds of dollars over the past few years by using AARP Rewards for Good program to purchase discounted gift cards.  It is a free and easy program and as I understand it you don't need to be retirement age to join, but if you are an AARP member you will earn more for the activities you do.

Basically you do activities to earn points and use those points to purchase items or gift cards at a discount.  I have only used mine for discounted gift cards -- especially CVS gift cards.  When my mother needed several prescriptions a month and many health care items we went thru nearly $300 worth of gift cards.  By buying them thru AARP Rewards for Good we saved nearly $30 a month.  And of course we combined them with CVS deals and sales to save even more like we share on our other blog Simply CVS.

AARP Rewards for Good ~ How it Works

  • Sign up for free ~ you get some points just for joining.
  • To earn points:
    • Visit the site each day. You will earn 50 if you are not an AARP member and 75 (I think) if you are.
    • Take quizzes or use their resources like the retirement calculator.
    • Check emails for promo codes.  These are usually worth 150.
  • To spend points:
    • Shop for gift cards at 10% discounts.
      • $100 gift card would cost just $90 plus 1000 AARP points.  There is a shipping fee, but it is under a dollar.
      • The gift cards arrive in the mail within two weeks.
  • Shop local deals, travel deals, discounted merchandise (daily deals), enter sweepstakes or auctions.

From my ledger.

This is just another resource we use to stretch our shopping dollars giving us more to save and to share.  If you'd like to try it out click the banner above or this link: Purchase discount gift cards at AARP Rewards for Good.

Do you have a good source for discounted gift cards?

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