April 25, 2017

Joy With Purpose ~ Finding Joy in Helping Others

Joy With Purpose is a relatively new blog with older roots.  Mary blogged at Clip With Purpose for years and one day the blog was lost.  She recently took up where she left off and, with a simple name change, Joy With Purpose was born.

Mary is an avid giver, helping those in need at home and around the world.  Joy With Purpose is her outlet for sharing with others needs she hears about and ways to meet them.  You will find:

  • Crafting How-To's
  • Current Deals
  • How to Get Crafting Supplies Cheaply
  • Charity Spotlights
  • Upcycling Ideas
  • Inspiration Stories
  • and much more!

And it all points to sharing with others.  Check out Joy With Purpose for some new giving inspiration filled with joy!

Click this link to check out the complete Simply Give Series at Simply Earn and Save.

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