April 4, 2017

How to Earn at Swagbucks Series, Introduction: How It Works & Signing Up

Spending some time each day on the Swagbucks’ site is an easy way to earn some free shopping money; and the more time spent the more that can be earned.  We have been earning free gift cards from Swagbucks for several years and wanted to share a “How to Swagbucks” series so others can earn, too.

How to Earn at Swagbucks Series 

Introduction:  How It Works & Signing Up

Find all of the posts in this series thru this link:  How to Earn More on Swagbucks.

Find the index with titles and links to each post thru this link:  How to Earn at Swagbucks Series.

Swagbucks is a site that pays its members for various actions performed online.  By participating in activities (see examples below) members are awarded points called SB.  When a member earns enough SB for a gift card they can use them to order one.  Ours usually arrive within two days of ordering, but it can take up to two weeks.  The gift cards are not hard copies, but E-gift cards which we print and use in the stores like regular gift cards. Swagbucks also offers Paypal beginning at $25.00 (note: the email associated with your Swagbucks account
must match your Paypal account).

Swagbucks Activities (I will be sharing how-to posts for many of the activities):

  • Watch videos
  • Shop online
  • Print coupons
  • Sign up for free offers
  • Take surveys
  • Search online
  • Participate in Swagbucks Team Challenges
  • And many more.

Note:  some of these activities are “passive” and you can do them while you do other activities—such as watching videos while working in the kitchen or folding laundry.  I earn a lot on Swagbucks while I do other things and will share more about that in future How To posts.

Countries in which Swagbucks is Available (I will be sharing from my experience in the U.S.):

  • US 
  • UK 
  • Canada 
  • Australia 
  • Ireland

Examples of Gift Cards Available in the U.S.:

  • Amazon
  • Kmart
  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Ebay
  • Kohl’s
  • Paypal Deposit
  • And others.
Note:  One SB equals one cent—so 300 SB can be cashed in for a $3 gift card.  Each month a member can order one discounted $25.00 gift card for just 2200 SB (discount does not apply to prepaid Visa, prepaid Mastercard or Paypal).

How to Sign Up for Swagbucks:

It is easy to sign up at Swagbucks and start earning immediately.

  • Click on the banner below.
  • Fill out the sign up form (remember, if you are going to request Paypal payments for the SB you earn you must use that email when signing up).
  • You should have received 2 SB for registering.
  • Several offers to do will pop up, do any you would like to.  You will earn various SB for them.
  • Verify your email address thru the email they send when you sign up and you will earn 4 SB.
  • Answer the security question and earn another 2 SB.
  • And lastly, be sure to activate your daily meter.  It is at the top of the home page, right of center.  You can earn bonus SB for meeting the daily goals.

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Start Earning at Swagbucks!

I will be sharing all the ways I earn on Swagbucks in future posts, but to give you a little demonstration as soon as you sign up I’ll walk you thru a couple of super easy and quick ways to earn each day.

  • Scroll down the homepage until you see the “To Do List” on the left hand side.  Note:  this is on a laptop.
  • Click on “Daily Poll.”  A new window will open with the daily poll—a one question, multiple choice poll.  Take the poll.  You just earned one SB.  You can do this once a day.
  • Click on “Deal of the Day.”  You just earned one SB.  You can do this once a day.
  • Look up at the upper right hand corner of the page.  You should see a number beside the smiley face.  This is the total of the SB you earned from the activities of signing up and these two.
  • To see exactly what you have earned each SB for hover over the number and then click on Activity--each earning will be listed.

It’s that easy to earn free gift cards or Paypal thru Swagbucks.  I’ll be sharing step by step how-to earn posts to help you navigate the many ways to earn so you can choose your favorites and start earning some shopping money!

These instructions are from my experience on a laptop and are accurate at the time of posting.

Note:  Links to Swagbucks in this post are my personal referral links.  By signing up thru them I will earn 10% of what you earn on many of the activities offered.  Thank you for signing up thru my link.

Note:  I will not see your personal information or Swagbucks activity, only your Swagbucks user name and the SBs I earn.

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