December 30, 2017

Saving on the Tannenbaum

If you're like me, and enjoy decorating for the holidays, the Christmas tree is probably the focal point, and also the biggest expense.  If you're interested in saving money in general you probably already know to save your ornaments from year to year, and not rush out every year for the newest theme at full price.  We've slowly collected our ornaments over the years on clearance (often 90%), as gifts, or at discount shops.  And we've managed to have beautiful ornaments without wrecking the budget.  Plus, it adds sentimentality to the tree.

Then, of course, there's the cost of the tree itself.  Our first family tree was an artificial one bought at a garage sale, then another fake one from a family member.  Then, finally came the year that no matter HOW we used the lights, ornaments, and tinsel we just couldn't make it look nice.  So out we went and got a real tree.  It was beautiful!

Even with a real tree we found ways to save.   Sometimes there were rebates.  We often picked a slightly "sad" tree that cost less for the same size, maybe it had a side that was kind of flat (which we hid by the way we set it up or ornaments) or had a split trunk.  We also were careful to cut the bottom off and put it in water, and carefully kept it watered so we got our full use out of expense with a beautiful tree for a month or so.

A couple years ago we started having allergy problems with a live tree, and decided it was time to go back to artificial tree.  Honestly I was a bit worried how it would look and how much it would cost.  We ordered a sample pack of branches from Balsam Hill, some were really nice, but not that affordable.  Then I started going to all the stores in town to see what they had for what price.  We ended up going with a three piece tree on sale from Kmart, and we've been very happy with it.  It cost more than a real tree, but less than 2 years worth of real trees, and we've had it for more than that now, so it's a savings!!  Plus it saves time as it's pre-lit, and we don't have to water it and "time is money" haha!  Can you tell the tree is not real?  Of course!  But, once you light and decorate it, it is beautiful!  I think one thing that helps with a face tree is having lots of ornaments.

So, if you're trying to save on your holiday budget I would consider a fake tree over a real one, but there are a few things to consider:
  1. Do you have a place to store it?
  2. Is your family united to use a fake tree for at least long enough to make it a savings?
  3. Do you have the money to buy one right off? (it's not going to save money if you have to pay credit card interest on in!)
If you decide to use a fake tree, I would suggest picking one or more you'd be happy with, then watch for a deal on it/them.  I've seen ones at Kmart 90% off before!!  Even if it's not exactly what you want, it might work for a couple years while you save up (from not having real trees) for a better one!

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