July 3, 2017

Local Food Pantry Donations ~ Simply Giving

One of the joys of couponing and sale shopping is being able to have more to share with others.  We have done this in many ways including donating to our local food pantries.  I take the same steps in finding deals on groceries for others as I do for my family.

  1. Check the local grocery store sale ads for the best deals & make a list.  I also always check the CVS Deals -- I get a lot of donating items from there.
  2. Search a coupon database online to find any matching coupons (from recent inserts or printable coupons--my favorite). 
  3. Check SavingStar, Ibotta, and Checkout 51 (link in banner below) to see if there is a cash back offer.
  4. Do the math to see if it falls within my giving budget, and if it does, I take the steps to get the deal (clip coupons, unlock deal on apps, and add it to my grocery shopping list).

There are many fantastic deals available for foods our family does not eat but that are perfect to donate:  easy to fix with a long shelf life.  So I can take advantage of these and help someone else in the process.  And the more I save, the more I can give.  Once I am home from my shopping trip I put the items to be donated into a box.  When the box is full I donate it to one of our local food pantries.


  1. Check with your local food pantry to find out which foods are not accepted and also if they accept non-food items (hygiene and household items for example).  
  2. Donations to non-profit groups are tax deductible.  Ask for a receipt when you drop of your donation and keep your shopping receipts with it.  At tax time you'll be ready to record your donations and save on your taxes.  Details on the IRS website here.

Do you donate to food pantries?  How do you have more to give?

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