June 22, 2017

Swag Codes: An Easy Way to Earn at Swagbucks ~ How to Earn at Swagbucks Series

Swagbucks offers dozens of ways to earn SB points towards free gift cards or Paypal.  One of the easiest is to enter daily Swag Codes.

Swag Codes ~ An Easy Way to Earn at Swagbucks

Each day Swagbucks offers a special code that when entered at their site gives anywhere from 2 to 10 points. They are usually issued in the afternoon and are most often only valid for one hour.  The way I find them is to check their Facebook postings.  Once a month they have a swag Code Extravaganza day where they offer a code every couple of hours and the total for the day is usually anywhere from 30 to 50 points (a point equals at least a penny towards gift cards).  Below is an image of my Swag Code activity for part of June.

This is hard to read, but regular codes are just words--often more than one but with no spaces between--with each word capitalized.  These codes are the same for every member and you can share them.  The other codes, words with a series of letters and numbers after them, are called "stealth" codes.  Each is only good for the person with that account.  Swagbucks will share a link on their Facebook page to the page with the stealth code.  You simply copy and paste it into the Swag Code box on the same page.

When you hover over the above Swag Code sign, found on the top center of any Swagbucks page, a box will appear below it in which you can type or paste the code.  We don't get every code, but we get many of them, and they add up nicely over a month to help us with our free gift cards and Paypal cash outs.

If you aren't already a member you can click this link to Join Swagbucks and Start Earning Free Gift Cards and Cash Today!

These instructions are from my experience on a laptop and are accurate at the time of posting.

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