April 5, 2017

Three Favorite Watch Earning Opportunities ~ How to Earn at Swagbucks Series

Three of our favorite ways to earn thru Swagbucks' Watch offers are actually active activities--meaning you must click thru to earn the points called SB.  Other Watch offers will scroll thru on their own.  But I often set up my laptop while eating breakfast or lunch and click thru these offers when they are available.  All of these have been "named" by Swagbucks members and they use these names when discussing the offers.

Note:  These offers appear off and on throughout the day, more often early in the morning.

Laptop Guy (LTG)

  • Click on the "watch" link in the left hand side bar.
  • If he is available click on him.  A window will pop up.
  • Click to start the offer.  Another window will pop up.  You will need to move this aside enough to be able to see the first pop up window.
  • There will be a countdown clock (see image below)--anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds.  After it counts down the grey standby button turns green.  Click it to go to the next window and it will restart the countdown.
  • There are anywhere from 8 to 12 windows.
  • When finished click the green button on the bottom right hand corner to start it again.  Often you can do several in a row, other times there is only one.
  • You will have earned 2 SB.

Tank Top Gal (TTG)

  • Click on the "watch" link in the left hand side bar.
  • If TTG is available click on her.  A window will pop up.
  • An interactive ad will load.  Sometimes it says click to start video.
  • If an ad plays and does not say click to start video it is necessary to click on it so it knows you are watching.  When you do this an arrow shows up on the top bar near the left hand corner.
  • After the ad plays there is a "done" link on the top right.  Click it and it will close.
  • This runs for about 30 seconds and gives you 2 SB.
  • You can usually only do it once, but at other times it will play over and over again.

Binocular Girl

  • Click on the "watch" link in the left hand side bar.
  • If Binocular Girl is available click on her.
  • A half window will pop up.  Click on the start button.
  • A second half window will pop up--see image below.
  • The countdown clock will stop about every 20 to 30 seconds (there are usually six windows to open but sometimes more or less).  When it stops click on the button.  The next window will open.
  • When finished click the button the final time.
  • You earn 2 SB.
  • She is sometimes there for one offer and sometimes several.
  • I have better success if I refresh the Swagbucks page before I try again.

As you can see from the SB earned for the time spent the hourly rate of earning is far below an income earning rate, but for spending some of our spare time working thru Swagbucks offers we earn a nice extra savings and spending allotment.

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These instructions are from my experience on a laptop and are accurate at the time of posting.

Disclosure:  Links to Swagbucks in this post are my referral links.  Thank you for using my links.  By signing up under one of these links I will earn 10% of some of your earnings.

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